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EDII Contributes to “Bersama Kita Sejahtera” Education Foundation
January 17, 2019

Jakarta – PT EDI Indonesia (EDII) channeled tuition and infrastructure assistance to the Sejahtara Joint Education Foundation, Tanah Merah, North Jakarta (20/12). This assistance is carried out in the context of running the EDII Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in 2018.

“Bersama Kita Sejahtera” Education Foundation is an open school that continues to strive to develop the skills of students, the majority of whom have social problems. Currently there are 41 students enrolled in the “Bersama Kita Sejahtera” Foundation. According to the owner of the Foundation, Lina Bustami, the cost of supporting teaching and learning activities at the Foundation is very much needed, “We still have difficulties in teaching and learning activities, besides the limitations of the students, we also have limitations in teaching staff, now we also open opportunities for anyone interested in volunteering to teach at the Foundation, “he explained.

In addition to the needs of teaching volunteers, continued Lina, infrastructure were also need a concern, “At present we are also collecting funds from donors to repair damaged rooms,” she said.

EDII’s Head of Public Relations Department, Sulistio, hopes that the tuition and infrastructure assistance costs of seven million rupiah from EDII can assist the operational continuity of teaching and learning activities at the “Bersama Kita Sejahtera” Foundation, “We are grateful to be able to meet Foundation owners and provide assistance for the Foundation’s sustainability activities. because as we all know the Bersama Kita Sejahtera Foundation has a good goal and vision, “he concluded.

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