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Innovation is a reflection of professionalism and energy
July 17, 2019

EDII Jakarta – PT Electronic Data Interchange Indonesia has professional, energetic and expert human resources in each fields, to be ready to support and nurture developments in technology and industry trends 4.0.

EDII has now developed features on the website as one of the innovations to make it easier for millennial generations who want to join EDII. With the addition of features, a career sitemap, information for prospective job applicants will be more quickly accessed and updated at any time. The convenience that will be obtained by prospective job applicants are:

  1. Information on job vacancies in accordance with the EDII regional area spread in 5 big cities (Medan, Jakarta, Purwakarta, Semarang and Surabaya)
  2. Information on the number of job requirements
  3. Position available Information
  4. Directly fill in curriculum vitae

With this innovation, it’s expected that prospective job applicants who have the desire to develop careers at PT Electronic Data Interchange Indonesia get the ease of accessing and obtaining information about the latest job openings at EDII.

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