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EDII & LGI Develop Logistics Online Applications
June 27, 2019

EDII Jakarta – PT Electronic Data Interchange Indonesia (EDII) making a cooperation with PT Logol Group Indonesia (LGI) to develop logistics online applications. The two companies engaged in the information technology sector committed to implementing collaborative development, operations, and marketing of information technology solution in the form of online logistics applications or they called it “Logol” (Logistics Online), this application is a logistics platform that has one stop solution for trader or owner of the goods with service logistics providers.

According to Director of EDII, E. Helmi Wantono, EDII and LGI develop an online logistics application that is integrated with the container terminal system. “In addition to application development, EDII will also provide contact center services to provide maximum service to users,” he added.

In line with that, LGI Director, Michael Kurniawan Kartono said, EDII and LGI will also develop logistics online applications for truck order and management for exports, truck order and management for imports, container round use, mobile application drivers. “We strive to provide solutions in the field of logistics so that the ease of business activities of trader can be accelerated,” he explained

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