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Pelindo II Subsidiary Offers Ease of Business to Bonded Zone Entrepreneurs
September 26, 2019

Jakarta – PT EDI Indonesia (EDII), a subsidiary of Pelindo II, invited dozens of business people or entrepreneurs of bonded zones and companies with Import Facility for Export Purposes (KITE), Bonded Warehouses (GB) and Bonded Logistics Center (PLB).
This gathering aims to introduce Generation 2 of IT Inventory (Inventory 2) service that has been successfully developed by EDII and support the acceleration of the implementation of IT Inventory for entrepreneurs.

One of Inventory 2’s breakthroughs is that the IT Inventory reporting system has become a sub-system of the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

According to the EDII Senior Product Manager, Oktovan Rezman, the inventory application aims to make it easier to produce reports in real time and accurately.

“Invent2 application also features a centralized database structure that allows better administration and security so that the risk of losing important data can be prevented,” he explained.

In addition, with the ERP sub-system the work becomes more structured so it does not depend on specific individuals or workers.

“An ERP system for a company can increase efficiency and effectiveness because it can manage and integrate various operational activities in business processes or activities which are one of the requirements to fulfill the provisions in the Minister of Finance regulations and Director General of Customs and Excise Regulations regarding Bonded Warehouse Facilities, KITE and PLB, “Oktovan added.

Also present, Head of the Section for Evaluation and Harmonization of Temporary Hoarding Policy at the Directorate General of Customs and Excise, Budi Kristanto.

He gave a presentation on the IT Inventory KITE regulations and government support for ease of business in bonded zones.

The inventories developed by EDII are expected to be able to simplify and become a solution for business people who get KITE, GB, and PLB facilities in integrating reporting obligations to the government with their internal systems.

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